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I’ve wanted to steal this meme from Heather for awhile, and since I’ve had a really good couple of days, I think it’s time to do the thing! :D

Leave me a ship and one of the following numbers in my askbox and I will write you five sentences about the kiss that follows.

1. Hot Kiss
2: Cheek Kiss
3: Nose Kiss
4: Forehead Kiss
5: Firm Kiss
6: Gentle Peck
7: Romantic Kiss
8: Eyelid Kiss
9: Jawline Kiss
10: Neck Kiss
11: Collarbone Kiss
12: Chest Kiss
13: Stomach Kiss
14: Kiss Along the Hips
15: Kiss in the Rain
16: Upside-Down Kiss
17: Goofy Kiss
18: Underwater Kiss
19: Forceful Kiss
20: Any of the Above

I have a tendency to spend a lot of time on just five sentences, so feel free to leave more than one prompt! :D

Bringing this back again because I got so many great prompts last time. You should send me some more so I can write you things! :D :D


so I just got back from the Edinburgh Film Festival! I did some maths on the train on the way back and it turns out that was the tenth EIFF I’ve been to which HA HA HA HOW DOES TIME? ANYWAY we saw a bunch of films which were all solidly Good (not an overenthusiastic art school grad type movie in the bunch WHICH WAS A FIRST) and some were Better Than Good, so all round thumbs up! I saw the Elephant cafe that JKR wrote some of Harry Potter in and ALSO I also had SUCH a great cup of coffee at a little cafe up in Old Town that we ducked into by chance to hide from some sudden rain. The cafe was called Filament Coffee / @filamentcoffee (which took me Some googling to remember) and it had been open for like 10 days. The menu board had the headings of COFFEE/NOT COFFEE which is basically my life view and the coffee was DELICIOUS BEYOND THE TELLING so A GOOD TIME WAS HAD BY ALL. <.< Coffee.

BUT ANYWAY what is coming up next on this here bloge, a hypothetical reader might ask? WELL:

- Festival film reviews, including SNOWPIERCER. I don’t actually know what my feelings about it were or are? ???? WHEN I WORK IT OUT I WILL TALK ABOUT IT I am sure everyone is trembling with antici……pation for that.

- More on City of Heavenly Fire! I wanted to talk about it also as a final book as opposed to just a book on its own so that is coming up when I have had coffee with my friend who is ALSO in the TMI quagmire with me. I NEED REINFORCEMENTS FOR ALL MY TERRIBLE EMOTIONS, OKAY. LEAVE ME ALONE.

- Penny Dreadful recaps! I haven’t finished the season yet but I’d like to try recapping it (a new venture for me ha ha ha this can only go well). It might have to wait till I have my own computer back and/or a proper image editing thing as opposed to PAINT (good times) but EVENTUALLY it will be time for HOTASS VICTORIAN EVA GREEN AND HER BAND OF MEN MAKING POOR DECISIONS *_* 

- ALSO I am working my way through The Quick by Lauren Owen, which, okay, for a book about Victorians and magic, has somewhat spectacularly failed to catch my interest. This is about as likely as me turning down coffee (UNTHINKABLE) so maybe it will pick up soon. WE CAN ONLY HOPE.

- My little sister has loaned me the first book of Bakuman and professed her eternal wild-eyed love for it so I am going to start that and ALSO my girlfriend has just bought a Clint Barton graphic novel so I shall also give THAT a go. I’m SUPER new to reading manga and I’ve only read like two graphic novels before so EXCITING TIMES AHEAD, FRIENDS. 



sneakily announcing a new Bloge of mine many days after its creation <.< wow good plan self such great ideas that you have. ANYWAY mostly I am using it to shriek about books and movies and PHONE GAMES that are eating my life so if any of that sounds vaguely interesting you are welcome to follow me there at heymdia or on twitter at @heymdia or BOTH! WHY NOT! FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! (disclaimer: I may or may not be your dreams.)

alexandraptor:  ah thank you for that timely reminder of our seven inch height difference

:D :D :D yet another trope in our fiction-defying romance


Name: Moog
Nickname: Technically Moog is a nickname but legit everything most people (excepting, like, Official Purposes stuff like university or work) call me is some variant of that. I AM MOOG. *sticks name badge on*
Location: England
Age: 23
Height: 5’1”
Any pets: not where I live but my fam has a whippet doge called Morris, who is the most precious long nose bababsie face, and my little sister has rats too
Favourite thing @ yourself: I am a not so secret secret optimist!
Worst habit: not leaving on time ever EVER
Fun fact: I can fold my tongue into the shape of a three leaf clover!

Identity, Sexuality & Personality

Gender identity: lady!
Sexual preference: ALSO LADIES
Romantic preference: L A D I E S.
"Kinsey Scale" score: HELLA LADIES. I mean, like, there is a sneak “THAT DUDE IS FINE” in there but like. LADIES. *_*
Relationship status: super taken.
Myers/Briggs type: INFP
Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff


"Early Bird" or "Night Owl": BOTH because I am a sham and live the life of a sham. Probably more Early Bird but I DON’T WANT TO ACTUALLY DO ANYTHING IN THE MORNING I am just conscious for it.
Morning routine: check in on all my dumb phone games in a duvet heap, berate self for immediately staring at a lit screen, don’t I ever learn, oh my god, give yourself some fucking day adjustment time you loser, haul myself to the bathroom, wash, dress, do the dishes angrily and blearily, COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE (with a book).
First thought in a morning: ARE MY EYES SWOLLEN??


Do you work or are you a student: one exam away from having finished my degree!
Where do you work/study: the hipsterest of the universities in the middle of nowhere.
What do you do: I have been shamming around doing Film and American Studies, the most employable of the degrees, for the last three years
Where do you see yourself in 5 years: HA HA HA THE FUTURE HA HA HA. employed hopefully? doing something I like somewhere I like with people I love.

Habits (Do you … )

Drink: nope
Smoke: nope
Do Drugs: nope
Exercise: refuse to answer on the grounds of Eating Disorder
Have a go-to comfort food: AND AGAIN
Have a nervous habit: let me tell you about how much I have to wash my goddamn hands

What is your favourite … ?

Physical quality (in yourself): my hairrrrrr it is AWESOME although tragiquely in need of a cut rn
In Others: respect for other people’s interests
Mental/emotional quality (in yourself): I am so good at lying like f l a w l e s s 
Food: CHOCOLATE pizza pasta and also ALL.
Drink: coffee oh my god coffee do you have coffee can I have coffee oh I’ve taken your coffee.
Artist/Band/Group: augh impossible obviously I have now immediately forgotten all names of anyone who ever made any music ever although rn I am asking twitter for their fave lady pop songs bc reasons.
Author/Poet: kjfdgjkg augh no again I CANNOT instead here is a link to all the books I have read this year
TV Show: BSG; The X-Files; The Good Wife. AND MANY MORE.
Movie: The Emperor’s New Groove; Spirited Away

For me it’s been Portal let’s plays and weirdly I’ve got into Dark Souls let’s plays. I also briefly dabbled in Sim City let’s plays. I have yet to succumb to phone games.

<.< succumb to phone games <.<

anyway moving on from that whisper on the breeze, have you watched Hank Plays Portal? I mainlined his let’s plays of Portal 1 and 2 in December in my second year of uni and it was SUCH A GREAT LIFE CHOICE. I am actually wearing Portal earrings right now! They are super cool, I keep waiting to see if they act as some kind of, idek, fandom Bat Signal but so far no dice.

Mostly what I have been doing recently is watching let’s plays of the sims and also DEDICATING LARGE PORTIONS OF TIME to games on my phone. Do any of you guys play Castle Story? Let’s be neighbours!

I mean, look at my little kingdom. LOOK AT IT. LOOK AT MY TIME INVESTMENT *_*


ALSO I bought some gold on Brightwood Adventures but the game crashed and I never got it BUT the Kiwi Inc team have been nothing but helpful since I reported it and today they added the gold to my account so I CELEBRATED BY BUYING THIS FABULOUS LADY RIGHT HERE:


Her name is Delia Divine and yes those ARE evening gloves she is rocking because SHE IS THAT RAD. I am considering what to do with the rest of the gold and thinking about buying a little house that pandas live in. WHAT A GREAT TIME TO BE A PERSON.

(but srsly tho, Sims Let’s Plays *_*)